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CIVIL LEGAL MATTERS (i.e. non-criminal matters)

There are a variety of legal disputes that arise between private citizens or among businesses that necessitate the expertise of a licensed attorney. Generally speaking, civil disputes often involve recouping monetary damages in some fashion. While there are many disputes that can be resolved prior to the initiation of a formal lawsuit, many often end up in a court of law. In civil matters, people should be aware that there are time parameters in which to take legal action. This is often referred to as the “statute of limitations". If you have a legitimate legal claim, it is imperative that you file your lawsuit before the statute of limitations expires or you will be unable to pursue your claim. Once a civil lawsuit has been filed in Indiana, the Indiana Trial Rules of Procedures proscribe the manner of proceeding through the litigation process. If you have a legal issue or if you been sued (i.e. received a summons and complaint), contact NDH today.


Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Wayne: Have you been hurt in an accident that was not your fault? Have you been injured as a result of someone else’s carelessness? If your response is “yes”, contact NDH today. Too often, people attempt to handle their situation on their own. Insurance companies know this. Knowing this, these companies attempt to discourage injured individuals from properly pursuing their claims by offering a fraction of the monetary damage that was caused as a direct result of the accident. If this situation has happened to you, do not delay, contact NDH today!


In the business world, a multitude of legal issues can arise that can require the experience and skill of seasoned attorney. For example, businesses can have legal issues with another business, or businesses can legal issues with their customers. Sometimes, businesses can be liable for personal injuries to people. In these types of cases, businesses with insurance coverage can request/select what attorney(s) will defend their legal interest at the local level. If your business needs legal representation in Indiana, contact NDH for a dedicated, business advocate.


In a peculiar twist of irony, “family law” is “civil” in nature! To be sure, people are not often so civil in these situations. In fact, family law matters are probably one of the most difficult challenges a person will navigate in their life. NDH understands. NDH provides cost-efficient services pertaining to dissolution of marriage (i.e. divorce), child custody, child support, parenting time (i.e. visitation), modification hearings, and ancillary matters that arise in this type of forum.


Bankruptcy is the legal proceeding involving a person or business that is unable to repay outstanding debts. If you qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may be able to discharge all (or most) of your debt and not pay anything back to your creditors, while protecting your assets. If you do not meet the income requirements for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can file under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, where you pay back all or a portion of your debts through a repayment plan. If you are facing foreclosure or other financial insolvency, contact NDH Legal to see whether a Chapter 7 (liquidation) or Chapter 13 (debtor w/ income - restructuring) is best for you.


At the conclusion of any trial, both parties to the case have a right to appeal the trial judge’s decision to the Indiana Court of Appeals. Taking your case to the appellate level is an intricate process. The Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure mandate some sort of action be taken within thirty (30) days of the trial judge’s decision. If you would like to discuss an appeal, contact NDH today.


Although TV shows and the media often portray a comedic image of incarceration, in the real world, it is common knowledge that going to jail is no fun! Being accused of criminal charges can be a very confusing and very frightening type of experience. Some people elect to represent themselves. This is often known as “pro se”. Although this is an individual’s right, it is generally not advisable if you are facing something as serious as a criminal charge with the possibility of doing jail time. At NDH, we routinely handle:

  • Driving offenses
  • Operating While Intoxicated (OWI)
  • Drug possession/dealing
  • Public Intoxication
  • Battery
  • Conversion/Theft
If you are the subject of a criminal investigation, or if you have been arrested, contact NDH for a zealous advocate for your personal liberty.

“We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code."

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